Lenny: Do You Need A Back Or Knee Brace?

Our house phone gets lots of telemarketing calls. What’s are solution? Send them to Lenny, a hilarious set of recordings designed to waste telemarketers’ time. Lenny’s scripted responses work for any kind of telemarketer; it doesn’t matter if you’re a Trump supporter, drug company or scammer–Lenny will keep you on the phone.

This telemarketer tries to sell Lenny a back and/or knee brace, since she was notified he suffers from occasional pain. Attempts to get Lenny to say which knee was causing him pain, or to rate his back pain on a scale from 1 to 10 (of course) failed, much to the telemarketer’s frustration.

Since Lenny is a computer program, it needs to use a speech detection algorithm to wait for the telemarketer to finish speaking before it responds. Loud background noise in the call center (such as the noise at the beginning of this recording) can confuse the algorithm. This means that Lenny will often pause before responding in the beginning of the recording. As the noise dies down, Lenny will respond at the proper times.

The best part? She hung up and called back! You’ll hear some music in the recording when this happens. Enjoy!

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